Wiz Gun is one of my most fun, free wheeling pass oriented formations to date. A shotgun formation modifed to place the twin receivers right next to each other to distort zone defenses and run all kinds of rub routes is combined with a deep set running back that is capable of executing running plays, which is not possible in Madden using standard shotgun formations. The majority of plays make heavy use of motion capabilities, turning a single set of routes into a large number of aerial attack combos.


Though the left side is receiver heavy, Wiz Gun is probably best employed by a right handed quarterback. The tight and and RB both line up to the right side, offering pass protection that allows the QB to roll to his right just a bit when pressured. The left side of the blocking is the formation's weakest point, the QB needs to always be watching for a weakside blitz which may come untouched around the edge. A defense that blitzes a linebacker from this area is gambling though, because this gives a clear passing lane to the twin WRs to that side, allowing a well prepared passer to attack such blitzes directly and decisively.

While many of my formations make heavy use of tight ends and get them involved in the passing game using short ins, outs and curls, Wiz Gun is one of my few formations that can really benefit from a TE who can stretch the field deep. The Chiefs with Tony Gonzalez would be a great team to use. As usual the RB is also key, despite the chances to run being limited compared with more common types of formations. Pass protection and route running are equally important, as the RB will be the safety valve for the QB in many situations.

Because motion is so critical to the success of most Wiz Gun plays, it is critical to create your own version from a formation that offers a wide array of capabilities. Fortunately, in this case this is easily accomplished by modifying the common Shotgun - Normal formation found in most playbooks. The adjustments for each position to create Wiz Gun should be obvious. As usual feel free to adjust the order of the WR assignments to your liking.


Wiz Gun - Destiny


With a play as dynamic as Destiny the fate of your offense resides solely in your own hands. Extensive motion capabilities create a huge number of options and allows you to attack any type of defensive coverage.

Wiz Gun - Elemental


A back-to-the-basics pass play composed of tradition routes and featuring easy reads. Easy enough for a novice to execute, yet flexible enough to be deadly in the hands of an expert.

Wiz Gun - Dash Draw

Dash Draw

A change of pace running play that will help ensure defenses can't just attack the pass every time you bring out the Wiz Gun. With a quick RB Dash Draw can be explosive, if not all that consistent.

Wiz Gun - Banshee


One of the few plays in the Monstrous Madden Playbook designed primarily as a deep threat, yet quick enough to handle blitzes. When combined with a strong armed QB and a fearless slot WR Banshee will make defenses scream with horror and offenses scream with delight.

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