Funnel is a formation designed to suck defenders straight down into the middle of the offense, opening up the flats and sidelines. Quick toss plays can be used to run the ball to the outside, swing routes can follow in the wakes of the wide receiver and tight end routes, and screen plays are things of beauty. The close position of the wide receiver and tight end to each other on either side allows for easy, quick crossing routes which cause difficulty for man coverages.


The formation's symmetry makes it ideal for running against unbalanced defensive sets. Any running play can easily be flipped using the playmaker control, so you can tempt while defenses into shooting into the wide open gaps while quickly running the in the other direction. Eventually, the opposing defense may spread out the line and linebackers to attack both gaps. Counter this move by throwing swing or screen passes past blitzers, or by throwing short, quick passes over the thinned out middle of the defense.

Basic method used here for assigning receiver positions. #1 WR with #2 TE on the left, with the #2 receiver and #1 TE on the right, creating good balance on both sides. Feel free to switch these sides if it better suits your team's abilities.


Funnel - Funnel Screen

Funnel Screen

One of a handful of effective screen plays in my playbook. The primary blocking is provided by the right side TE and wide receiver, with support from the right guard and tackle. The receivers on the left side run backup routes in case the screen pass is shut down.

Funnel - Gunner


Simply a well balanced passing play that occasionally breaks out for long gains. The receiver and TE on each side run quick crossing routes, with the TEs working the flats and sidelines and the wideouts working the short and deep middle.

Funnel - Down Pitch

Down Pitch

An straightforward but versatile running play which can expose defenses spread wide to defend the Funnel formation. A simple pitch off tackle with down blocking by the receivers and tight ends can open a quick sprint to the outside but is most effective cutting back to the middle.

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