J Form-Normal is probably the closest thing to a traditional NFL formation in my 2004 playbook. I took the basic I Form and Pro Form sets and combined them, leaving the very common split and and flanker on the outside, tight end on the line parts intact while producing a new look backfield. I Formations are best suited to power running between the tackles using the fullback as a lead blocker. The split backs Pro Formation, which is not featured in the recent editions of Madden, is better at getting backs involved in the passing game quickly. In the running game it favors sweeps and quick pitches more than running up the middle. J Form-Normal combines these aspects in a hybrid formation with a sense of familiarity that makes it especially well suited to novice players.


The halfback can run anywhere to the middle or right side behind FB lead blocks, while also able to take pitches and counters to the left. Both backs are also in good position to pass block and run quick pass patterns. The formation is also well balanced with two receivers split wide and the tight end on the line. The ability to have any eligible receiver run quick routes while also having the TE, FB and RB in good position to block are reasons why I and Pro formations are the staples of modern offenses, and these characteristics are fully inherited by J Form.

One of the nicest aspects of J Form-Normal is that unlike some of my formations, it is very easy to create a J Form that has the full motion capabilities you would expect. Just add a play from the standard I Form-Normal present in just about every playbook, shift the positions of the backs, and rename it. You will be able to send the flanker or tight end in motion across the line (the flanker will step up to a split end position if the TE moves), as well as sending the FB in motion to get a jump to the outside. This flexibility makes J Form a powerful formation in the hands of expert Madden players.

The only personnel assignments to look at in J Form-Normal are the positions of the wide receivers. I follow the traditional wisdom of putting the #1 guy in the flanker position to allow him to go in motion to attack vulnerabilities the QB spots in the defense.


J Form-Normal - Doublecross


Doublecross is my favorite kind of play, the kind that drives defenses nuts trying to figure out how to cover everyone. The unique backfield deployment of J Form-Normal allows the backs to run crossing swing patterns that pulls covering linebackers out of position.

J Form-Normal - HB Lead Blast

HB Lead Blast

A simple but solid lead blocking power run. The halfback takes a quick step to the right side, then powers his way behind the tight end and fullback.

J Form-Normal - curls


A play that emphasizes reliability over flash. Both receivers and the tight end run curls routes at angles designed to cause maximum disruption to the defense, while both backs stay at home to protect the passer. Even against the blitz the QB should have time to calmly work the progressions and make an accurate throw.

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