3 Gun is the first formation I ever designed. It first seemed like a bit of a bust for anything but short yardage situations, but then I replaced the offset tight ends on the line of scrimmage with the #2 and #3 receivers, and the formation's potential unfolded. The backs are placed too wide to allow for any running plays, but are effective at creating matchup problems for the defense.


Despite the formation's speed with three wideouts and two tailbacks, it is still primarily geared towards short to medium yardage and red zone situations. Patterns run tightly together create matchup problems, allowing receivers to break free suddenly. The backs, which are strongly featured in this formation, are in perfect positions to catch easy swing passes for safe yardage.

Wide receiver assignments favor the flanker and are balanced by placing the top split end on the other side. The start running back is on the right though in my experience the left back gets a few more catches and generally has a bit more room to work with on the less crowded left side of the field, so it may be worth trying to switch these up.


3 Gun - Flood Left SE Iso

Flood Left SE Iso

This is my favorite play 3-10 yards from the goal line. The backs often get wide open against bunched up goal line defenses, and the flanker can be audibled to a hook or short out to take best advantage of single coverage.

3 Gun - Circle Left

Circle Left

Circle Left is another great play close to the goal line. The flanker runs a short hook route to draw the defense in, while the other four receivers run routes circling around the formation to get away from coverage.

3 Gun - Cyclone


Cyclone lets receivers run circles around defenders. The split ends draw coverage wide and deep while the flanker and back spin out underneath.

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