Single Back 3WR, is possibly my only formation that looks like it came straight out of a typical NFL playbook. This means that it lends itself better to balance than many of my formations, effective for running as well as passing. However, with no lead blocker most running plays are simple, and may be best used as a change of pace rather than a grind it out attack.


Though single back formations are used in many offensive schemes, it lends itself quite well to West Coast offenses. My plays build off of these principles, relying heavily on slants and quick throws over the middle. The QB needs to be accurate and have good timing, the receivers should have good hands, run sharp routes, be able to take punishment over the middle and block effectively on running plays. Good vision and the ability to quickly assess a defense is critical. One difference from the west coast style is that many of the slant routes are best thrown at different times depending on how the defense reacts. Throwing quickly after the snap is good against most defenses, but the ability to adjust timing to select holes in the defense can be a big plus.

Because of the quickness of passing plays the running back tends to run routes more often than block. Running plays tend to rely on quick execution rather than power or sophisticated blocking, which may be a nice change for players who do not like the slow blocking schemes of Diamond Wing or the brutish power of Strong T.

The given wide receiver assignments emphasize the slot receiver for quick throws over the middle, balanced by receiver #2 on the other side. Because quick routes are run from all positions, the read progressions in Single Back 3WR can be more complicated than with other formations, though anyone who likes quick slants can probably pick up many plays by feel. This formation also finally gets the tight end involved in a more natural role, with lots of short routes run in the passing game and blocking in the running game.


Single Back 3WR - Maverick


Maverick is a dynamic, quick hitting passing play. It emphasizes dual quick slant routes, with the right split end zig-zagging upfield if nothing is open early.

Single Back 3WR - HB Plunge

HB Plunge

A simple straight ahead running play, best used when defenses are playing back against the pass or coming around the outside to pressure the QB or prevent runs to the outside.

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