2007.08.14 - Just picked up my copy of Madden 08 for the Nintendo Wii, and I have some sad news. The day I've feared has come at last, EA has finally killed off custom playbooks, at least on Madden Wii. It's a pretty bittersweet day, as I finally get to play online on a Nintendo platform on the same version that my favorite video game feature of all time is cut. I'd like info on other platforms, posting to this new topic in the Forums would be ideal, but you can also email me with info.

Aside from custom playbooks, my first impressions of Madden Wii are not that great. Defensive coverage seems to have reverted to Madden 2002/2003 ability. My first game I played as the Packers against the Lions on Pro (mainly because the Wii controls are new to me, since I didn't get Madden 07 on the Wii). I won 50-28, returning two consecutive kickoffs for TDs, scoring two TDs on long HB dive plays where I had the ball covered up instead of sprinting, and gave up at least three deep TD passes while playing coverages with either 3 or 4 DBs in deep zone coverage. I can't say if this type of play holds for the other next gen platforms, but I can't imagine they'd be too different. Why oh why can't EA bring back the balance they achieved with Madden 2004?

At this point I'm not really sure what the future holds for the Monstrous Madden Playbook. I won't be taking anything away from the site, but I don't plan on developing plays on Madden 2006 for Gamecube forever. I've toyed with the idea of developing my own open source football video game (I'm professional video game developer) with really customizable playbooks, instead of sitting at EA's mercy each year.

2007.08.05 - One more update to complete the addition of my entire back catalog of plays into the MMP Unlocked. There's one play each from I Form-Twin Flex, Jumbo Wing, Scimitar, and Wyvern. None of these plays are world beaters (except maybe Flex Power), which is why they weren't added earlier, but at least they provide a bit of variety and maybe some fresh ideas.

For the imminent Madden 08 season I have some big plans for the site. With so many plays to choose from it can be difficult to know which formations and plays are the best to use, because not everything can fit in one playbook. I've been working on scoring each of my offensive plays, including everything in the MMP Unlocked, and creating totals for each formation to help you get optimal performance out of your own Monstrous Playbooks In additional, while I haven't released any new formations since the days of Madden 2005, much of this has been due to the fact that I wanted to concentrate on quality over quantity. I actually have four offensive and three defensive formations which I've been developing over the past few years, and I'll be unveiling at least a few of the best this season.

2007.08.04 - Big defensive update to the MMP Unlocked today with a couple of older plays from Strike Nickel to go with some newer plays from Edge Nickel and Speed Quarter.

Believe it or not, this wraps up the defensive portion of the MMP Unlocked (and only a year and a half after I started the project). I should get the remaining two or three offensive plays in before the release of Madden 08 on August 14th, with the Wii version being the first to support online play on a Nintendo platform.

2007.07.18 - For the WCO (that's West Coast Offense) fans out there, here's four new plays from J Form-Normal in the MMP Unlocked with a definite WCO flavor.

2007.06.09 - Three new MMP Unlocked plays for the Golden Dollar pass defense. Includes a tight man coverage, a pure zone, and even a play with some actual pass rushers to keep opposing offenses guessing.

2007.06.07 - Here's a belated update to the downloadable playbooks for Madden 07 PC, again from Ashley. There's an update to the previous offense, as well as my complete defense. Again, I haven't tested these so let me know if there are any problems.

2007.03.18 - For the first time, here's a downloadable playbook for Madden 07 PC, provided by Ashley from Australia. This playbook contains plays from Delta, Wyvern, Nebula, I-Form-Twin Flex, 4 Wide, Spades, U Bacon, Wishbone-Big, and T-Bone-Jumbo. I haven't tested it myself because I don't have Madden for PC, but many of you have been requesting downloadable playbooks for years, so here's the first. Anyone else who wants to provide playbook files (for plays available on this site only please) email it to me and I'll provide it for download.

2007.01.14 - I figured it was time for at least a small update to break my long hiatus from delivering new content (playing The Legend of Zelda on my Nintendo Wii has seriously cut into my Madden time). MMP Unlocked has three new unnamed plays from the venerable Bomber formation.

2006.11.12 - Five new plays this NFL Sunday from my second favorite defense, Edge Nickel, in the MMP Unlocked. I actually have a couple more plays from this formation which I need to put on paper before releasing them, but with these additions I think that the MMP provides a very complete and effective defense for any Madden gamer.

2006.10.22 - Small update to the MMP Unlocked, plays coming from U Bacon. Aside from a few new plays that I've created since starting the MMP Unlocked, as well as some unreleased formations, this is it for unlocking my offensive playbook.

On another note, I'd like to remind readers that the Guest Playbook is still around and I'd love to see some candidate plays submitted in the Forums so that a few new entries can be added this season.

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