Crossbow is one of my earlier formations, designed for simple but reliable running plays and compact passing plays. While most of my passing plays have not been extraordinarily successful, one play, Reflex, emerged as one of my most reliable 3rd and long conversion plays. The simplicity of this formation may be nice for beginning players who find my other formations and plays too complex.


With no lead blocker, the most effective running plays are to the outside, where the tight ends and wide receivers can string out the defense at the line of scrimmage. Passing plays can use all of the receivers and tight ends to spread out the defense, or keep some players in to block to allow longer routes to develop while protecting the QB.

Wide receiver and tight end assignments are setup to balance out each side. I place my #1 receiver and #2 tight end on the left, and #2 receiver and #1tight end on the right. Switching everyone to the other side would be equally balanced. As usual go with whichever way best suits the teams you like and your own playing style.


Crossbow - Reflex


This is a great play on 3rd and 5 to 10 yards. Every receivers starts outside to spread the defense, with the tight ends occupying the safeties. The WRs then break back inside and the QB just picks a receivers and a gap between linebackers.

Crossbow - Flood Left

Flood Left

Flood Left sends four receivers to the left side to overwhelm defenders while sneaking the running back out to the right. It works great for converting short to medium yardage by hitting the defense hard and fast right from the snap and passing before they can react.

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