Wiz Gun - Dash Draw

Creating custom running plays out of shotgun formations is tricky in Madden, but Wiz Gun was specifically designed to put the running back in a position where runs are possible. Dash Draw is the only successful running play I've made for Wiz Gun so far, but one play might be all you need to keep the defense honest against this primarily passing set. You'll want a nimble, speedy RB to get the most out of this play, and will have the best results when the defense plays either soft zones or spreads out wide in full man coverage. Blitzes and base defenses are hard to handle, while Nickels and Dimes provide good matchups.

One issue with Dash Draw is that it's not very consistent. It's about as likely to be dropped for a 5 yard loss as it is to break off a 20+ yard gain. The risks can be minimized though by setting the play up with effective passing. Just make sure to not run it too often, as it relies on the defense being cautious and thinking coverage first for success.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line, TE and WRs Run Block
QB Handoff to RB
RB Delay - Outside Left

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

The blocking is straight-ahead, so where the play actually ends up going depends almost entirely on what happens between the snap and the handoff. While drawn up going to the left, this hole is often the first to close with no TE to the weak side. Be ready to make a sharp cut, maybe all the way back to the right after taking the handoff. In practice I've found that cutting up between the tackles is the best choice about half of the time, though the biggest gains tend to be made on the outside. Be careful if the D-line spreads out wide though, because while this would seem to open up runs up the middle the long handoff can give the defense time to collapse the blocking.

Motion is very important for success, particularly single player motions that allow the ball to be snapped while the player is moving. This will keep the defense from adjusting to your adjustments. The TE is usually the best bet here, as he can help out on the vulnerable left side as the handoff develops. If you can also use single WR motions this will also keep defense off balance, especially if you use similar motions for Wiz Gun pass plays.




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