Delta is another formation that hasn't quite worked out as well as I would like in the running game in 2004, but can excel in the passing game. While if features the same personnel as the often used Singleback-Big formation, with two tight ends, two wide receivers and a halfback, it makes a few key adjustments. The first is that instead of the tight ends on the line of scrimmage and the wide receivers both a step back in flanker positions, the wideouts are on the line with the tight ends back a step. This makes straight-ahead, power running a bit more difficult, but is ideal for pass blocking, preventing quick defensive ends from getting any kind of jump past the outside blocking.


The second key feature is that the wide receivers are pulled in about eight yards closer than they might traditionally line up. This allows more ability to have the tight end and wide receiver routes work in complimentary fashion, which anyone who has followed my playbook for a while knows is one of the cornerstones of my offensive philosophy. Throw the running back into the mix and we can create some real matchup problems for opposing defenses.

Pretty much the usual story for player assignments. The #1 WR pairs with the #2 TE on the left, with the #2 receiver and #1 TE on the right, creating good balance on both sides. One other nice feature of Delta, being one of my only symmetric formations in the 2004 playbook so far, is that it lends itself well to Playmaker adjustments in the running game. Watch out for blocking assignments by the TEs though, as they appear to switch directions (e.g. a Lead Left becomes a Lead Right) but not flip between the players.


Delta - Scythe


Scythe overloads the left side with the TE and RB both running nice, broad swing patterns under the left SE quick slant, often forcing a defender to make a choice as to who to cover. A curl route by the SE and blocking help by the TE on the right side makes Scythe balanced and comprehensive as well as quick and aggressive.

Delta - Split Hitch

Split Hitch

Split Hitch is a short passing play perfect for situations where your opponent is thinking run. Four quick routes under 5 yards a piece make this a great call on 2nd or 3rd and short and goal line situations.

Delta - HB Dozer

HB Dozer

A simple but well balanced running play which makes use of the second TE as a key blocker. While not flashy, this play is easy to run, offers an easy to spot cutback lane and should be be reliable for 3-4 yard gains.

Delta - Western Cross

Western Cross

It's not flashy, but Western Cross is an effective pass play for converting short yardage and goal line situations. Mobile QBs who can run or throw equally effectively on rollouts are a definite plus.

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