Though it looks pretty simple, I Form-Twin Flex is a great formation for chess match style strategists. The unusual deployment of both running backs to the twin wide receiver side will put a lot questions into the heads of opposing defenses. "Are they going to run a toss sweep behind those twin receivers? The tailback doesn't have far to get to the outside. What about the strong side? The backs have a longer ways to run, but a good block by the tight end could spark a long run. And watch out for a dive behind the left guard, the quarterback doesn't even have to get out of the way to make a handoff there." This formation is balanced, but each part of the set emphasizes different strengths. if you can just out guess your opponent you can put together some very successful drives.


Besides offering great strategy possibilities for the experts, most novices will probably appreciate the traditional NFL feel that most I Form-Twin Flex plays bring to the table. Placing both receivers to a single side also helps beginners in making their reads quickly by not forcing them to look all over the field on most passing plays. With most of the receiving ability on one side, this formation may also be a good way to get your opponent out of zone defenses. Man defenses provide their own opportunities, as tight man coverage will leave some wide open spaces on the right side for drag routes, RB swings and isolation runs.

I Form-Twin Flex is great for Madden because it's so easy to make an effective version of the formation from a built in formation. Just take the relatively common I Form-Twin WR and swap the receivers sideways, or possibly switching who is front and back. Either way will provide solid motion options, including sliding the FB across the line of scrimmage for run or pass blocking and sending the HB out as a flanker to the right side. As expected, the only personnel assignments I would consider changing with I Form-Twin Flex are the wide receivers. I like the standard approach making the flanker the #1 WR to fully exploit motion capabilities.


I Form-Twin Flex - Flex Stretch

Flex Stretch

Flex Stretch is an innocent looking running play that gives speedy HBs a chance to break a big gainer down the right sideline against man defenses. Cutbacks inside the right tackle are pretty effective as well.

I Form-Twin Flex - Hunter


Hunter is a pass play that would look at home in just about any real NFL playbook. Built from fundamental routes, the twin WRs offer an effective possession route/downfield strike combo.

I Form-Twin Flex - Epee Slash

Epee Slash

Epee Slash makes a well balanced addition to any playbook. An ordinary exterior hides its subtle sophistication, so lots of practice is needed to bring the best out of this pass play.

I Form-Twin Flex - Slipstream


With a speedy RB Slipstream can burn defenses for some big plays down the field. Although the RB wheel is it's biggest weapon, the SE post over the middle adds to form a potent two-headed attack.

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