Considering the high sophistication of Wiz Gun plays such as Destiny, this play is quite basic. It was named Elemental after its direct, fundamental routes and reads. No fancy crosses or screens are used here, simply spread the field with the receivers, keep the back in to block, and throw to the first open man. Novice gamers will appreciate the ease of learning and execution. Veterans will take pleasure in making adjustments using the wide variety of motion capabilities a properly constructed Wiz Gun formation has to offer. A little something for everyone.

Wiz Gun - Elemental

Most of the time you run Elemental you'll want to concentrate on the twin curl routes, which I end up throwing to one of probably 75% of the time. Against a base defense this can be almost automatic as the two receivers will overmatch a single cornerback in either man coverage or most zones. Assuming the defense is paying better attention and runs Nickel, these routes are still excellent against man as long as your timing is good, just be sure to put the ball where the WR can shield off DBs using his body. Nickel zones can be difficult, especially if the slot man comes down low while the outside man drops off, taking away both routes. The TE post and flanker streak combine to provide a pretty good deep 1-2 punch on the right side. This combo can be especially deadly for the defense if they elect to use press coverage but your flanker breaks free quickly, as a simple lob over the top can be taken right down the sideline past the SS drawn out of position by the TE.

The biggest weakness of Elemental, one which is shared with many Wiz Gun plays, is that there is little protection from a weakside blitz. If you think one might be coming, consider motioning the streak flanker over to the left side. If the blitz does come at least one WR on the weak side is almost sure to be uncovered, allowing a quick, blitz-busting hot read by the QB. Just be careful here, as things will get a little crowded with all routes ending up towards the left side of the field.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Dropback 3yd
RB Pass Block
Left Flanker N3W1 (curl left)
Left SE 8yd Curl
TE 10yd Post
Right Flanker 20yd Streak

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. Flanker outside curl
  2. SE inside curl
  3. TE post
  4. Right flanker streak

Like the routes the play is composed from, the reads are very basic. Simply scan from left to right, nothing more to it unless you decide to mix things up with some motion. First look to the twin curl routes. I read these with a single look, with a single defender in zone defense just watch which way the defender breaks and throw to the other receiver. With a man defense either route is still a available option, though things will be a bit tighter and you should be wary of LBs lurking underneath to get in the passing lane. Next look for the TE post right over the middle. This is probably the best option for a relatively big play. Last comes the streak. When looking at these two deeper routes the key read is the strong safety. He'll either bite towards the post, leaving the streak singled on the CB, or stay deep, letting the TE go. Watch out for a LB dropping back into zone, this can take away the post while letting the SS double up on the streak, effectively covering both routes.




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