This complex running play is possibly the best I've developed. It looks just like a slow developing sweep off left tackle, but gives stunning results. When executed well the blockers hit the defenders like dominos in rapid succession. The sheer number of bodies make it look like a mess at first, but then a clear path opens up for the tailback. The slow development of the blocking scheme is the key to the play's success, as each defensive lineman and linebacker gets "used up" by the blockers before the RB reaches the line of scrimmage.

Diamond Wing - Delay Sweep

Delay Sweep works best in the open field. Because it is slow developing, it is not recommended for use near either goal line. The only really effective way to stop it is to stack the line or LBs to the side run to, so it's important to mix this play up with runs to both sides.

Player Assignments

Position Action
Left Tackle Run Block
Left Guard Run Block
Center Run Block
Right Guard Pull Left
Right Tackle Run Block
QB Handoff to RB
TE Lead Off Left Tackle
FB Lead Far Left
RB Delay - Sweep Left
Left SE Lead Far Right
Right SE Run Block

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

The running back needs to have patience. Start out at normal speed after getting the ball and only step it up to turbo after the first couple steps, to ensure that you don't get jammed up in the blocking. The TE is the first lead blocker, hitting off tackle, go left behind him. The FB should be second, followed quickly by the pulling guard. If an opposing LB or cornerback does not come in quickly (the FB runs a ways before laying a block) you should be able to sweep behind the FB all the way out to the left side. If the FB has to throw a block early, turn up a little earlier, to the right of the FB, following the pulling guard into the hole. This is actually the ideal situation, as long as the hole between the TE on you right and FB on your left is big enough to run through, because it means the defender the FB is blocking has overrun the play and cannot string it out laterally, and the RB can turn upfield more quickly.

If executed well the RB should sprint right by the D-line, leaving no more than a LB and a safety or two in pursuit. The near side safety at least will probably have a good angle unless he came up close to the line early; the key here is to utrun him to the sideline, putting him to the side of the RB where a good stiff arm can be applied. If this works then it's a race with the far side safety to the endzone. Juke or spin moves may work if the safety is too deep to apply a stiff arm. If you have to follow the FB a ways out, just look for blockers and wait for the best chance to turn upfield. Vision is key to the execution of this play.

The worst thing that can happen in Delay Sweep is that your lead blockers get jammed up early. If this happens, just look for the first cutback and cut your losses. If the defense overcommitted to one side a cutback can get still gain good yardage. What you should never do is retreat backwards to get around a stopped fullback, even if you get around cleanly (which is difficult) there are probably no more blockers in front of you and you'll be lucky just to make up the ground you've given up.




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