Counter Sweep is a misdirection running play that offers the potential for big yardage. It works best as a compliment to Delay Sweep because it starts out looking to go to the left before turning to sweep to the right. Like most misdirection plays, Counter Sweep works best when the defense gets caught expecting something else, it cannot be relied upon to grind out a drive. Instead, it is best used as an explosive change of pace.

Diamond Wing - Counter Sweep

Like most Diamond Wing running plays, Counter Sweep works best in the open field due to slower developing nature and outside blocking. It is not recommended for use near either goal line. It works best when not expected, so be sure to mix it up with other running and passing plays in the Diamond Wing formation.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line and Wide Receivers Run Block
QB Handoff to RB
TE Lead Far Right
FB Lead Off Right
RB Counter Step - Sweep Right

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

This is a counter play so it relies on misdirection. This means that the running back needs to get into high gear as soon as he gets the ball, before the defense has a good chance to react and adjust. The best case is when the defenders are stacking the inside, allowing the right side blockers (in particular the split end) to get a seal and allow the RB to sweep all the way to the outside. If this is not possible try to take the first hole on the right side (usually inside of the split end but outside of the other blockers) and sprint for the corner, possibly turning straight upfield once you get by the LBs. If the right side blocking collapses early you may have to head straight up the middle, this will not usually get many yards but is better than taking a big loss trying to get around a corner that isn't there.




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