Although my playbook leans towards the passing game, every playbook needs a power running game, especially for converting crucial short yardage situations. Diamond Wing fulfills part of this need but is more intended for sophisticated trapping plays. The real answer is this Strong T formation, a no-nonsense formation intended strictly for power running. It is a throwback to the old T-formations, and is almost identical to the Straight Three-Back T formation except I place the fullback on the right (or "strong" side, hence the name) instead of in the middle. This makes the formation favor lead plays to the right, similar to the common Pro formation (2 WR, 1 TE, RB and FB split behind the QB). The outside HB, or the "whip" as I call him, can still get into the action on sweeps or counter plays.


Unlike the T-formations now employed mainly by small colleges and high schools, Strong T has a more NFL flavor and does not involve complex option plays. This is partly because Madden does not support such running plays and partly because it is designed for power rather than finesse. This means that most Strong T plays are quite simple, with the offensive line and tight ends often just run blocking, so the only real variables are the blocking and running maneuvers of the backs. Although these plays are simple, I have found many of them to be effective even at the All Madden difficulty level. I use them primarily in short yardage, goal line and clock burning situations.

As indicated, the back assignments are designed around strong side and up the middle running plays. The #1 HB in the middle is in an excellent position for dives or sprints to either side as well as lead plays to the right. The #1 tight end is on the right. This is somewhat arbitrary, but is intended to further strengthen the strong side running ability. For a lot of modern teams the primary TE is basically a wide receiver in a tight end's body, so flipping the ends may be desirable.


Strong T - HB Off Tackle

HB Off Tackle

My bread and butter running play out of the Strong T formation. The wide blocking stretches out the defense line while the lead blocking punches holes right through.

Strong T - HB Plunge

HB Plunge

The play you may want to use when you only need to gain an inch. No finesse or misdirection here, just raw power right at the middle of the defense.

Strong T - Blitzkrieg


One of my favorite scoring plays near the goal line. The Strong T formation makes defenders think run, then five receivers run quick patterns and the QB throws before the defense knows what hit 'em.

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