Maverick is a quick hitting play that focuses on slants run by the left split end (in the slot) and right flanker, as well as a drag route across the middle by the tight end. These three routes can all be thrown very quickly, making the play very effective against most blitzes.

Single Back 3WR - Maverick

The right flanker runs the most important route. The TE draws the short middle coverage which should open up the very shallow slant route the flanker starts with. If the initial reads are covered, rather than simply trying to move to an open area the flanker breaks sharply back to the outside corner, and if still nothing is still open he turns again and runs across the deep middle. The last portion of this route is rarely used because the QB would have to hold onto the ball longer than is usually possible, but adds predictability if the play breaks down.

The left split end lines up in the slot and runs a deeper quick slant than the right flanker. This pattern can either be hit very early or later over the middle. Timing is critical on an early throw because the TE undercuts this route and can step in front of the throw. It is also important to look out for any linebacker coverage the TE brings with him. A left flanker post and running back swing round out the play. The WR slant routes can expect 5-10 yards when hit early and more if hit later. The TE may only get 3-5 yards unless he can turn upfield and run after the catch.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Dropback 1yd
RB Swing Right
Left Flanker 10yd Post
Left SE N8E6 (open)
TE N2W1-W5 (open)
Right Flanker N1W3-N4E3-W6 (open)

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. Right flanker slant
  2. Left SE slant
  3. TE drag
  4. RB swing
  5. Left flanker post
  6. Right flanker corner
  7. Right flanker in

In any play with quick reads it is important to read the defense well before the snap. This may allow you to adjust the read progression if you spot a weakness in the defense that may disappear once the defenders have a chance to react to the play. In addition, take time to learn the inside WR routes well. The left slant route must be hit at difference places depending on the defensive alignment, and the right flanker zig-zag pattern can really get a defense out of position when allowed to develop.




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