HB Lead Blast is just a classic, power up the gut running play wrapped in a new J Form-Normal package. The fullback throws a lead block straight up into the right side of the offensive line, which is already bolstered by the tight end. The halfback takes a quick handoff and slams right in behind his lead blocker. While effective against most man defenses, this play really shines against zones where the defenders are simply bowled over.

J Form-Normal - HB Lead Blast

While any running play can be slowed down with enough bodies, power running plays right up the middle can be awfully hard to stop completely, and HB Lead Blast is no exception. Though it runs to the right side, outside blitzes are usually a losing proposition for the defense. A blitz around the weak left side will take too long, while the sheer blocking power of the TE and FB on the right is just too much power against less than six attacking defenders. Inside blitzes will slow the play down, but about the only way stop it for a loss is to stunt the defensive line so that a defender can slip through the middle of the line and hit the HB at an angle on the side away from the FB. Not an easy task with the entire O-line blocking straight-ahead.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line, TE, SE and Flanker Run Block
QB Handoff to RB
FB Lead Off Right
RB Shuffle Step - Dive Right

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

There really isn't a lot to say here. Start out following in the tracks of your FB and smash though the closest crack in the defense. This is a power running play so don't spend time dancing in front of the hole. Even if the defense manages to plug up the gap, you're probably best off just plowing forward and taking what yardage you can rather than bouncing very far to the outside and risking losing yardage. If the defense is stacking the inside, one option you do have is to put the FB in motion right. This will let you take the play directly to the outside with strong blocking out wide.




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