Custom screen plays are a bit tricky to create using the Madden playbook maker, and Funnel Screen was no exception, requiring a few gimmicks to make it effective. The end result is quite good though, and makes for a very effective play to counter defenses which attack the relatively weak interior of the Funnel formation too aggressively. The right side of the offensive line lets the defenders rush the quarterback after only token resistance, only to see the halfback take the easy screen pass and sprint to the outside behind the mismatched blocking of a tight end on a cornerback.

Funnel - Funnel Screen

To get this outside screen play to work I had to use a few unconventional routes with the screen side receivers. There are no built-in screen blocks these positions can use, so I based their blocking on the idea that all other players will block once a catch has been made and the receiver is trying to run. The tight end and wide receiver to the right side both run very short routes followed by delays which put them in the best positions to throw blocks after the catch. Once the halfback has the ball they break off their routes and (hopefully) start blocking the nearest defender. The 2004 Playmaker control may be of some help here to direct these receivers to push defenders to the inside and let the halfback run down the sidelines.

Just in case the defense blankets the screen area the left side receivers are given backup routes, an outside curl and a short streak. I figure that these receivers really aren't in any position to contribute to the primary objective of the play, and it's always a good idea to have a backup plan when possible. Actually, if you can make quick reads you may want to look for the short streak first. It won't often be wide open, but if it is you may as well take 10-15 yards the easy way.

Player Assignments

Position Action
LT, LG and C Pass Block
RG and RT Screen Right
QB Dropback 3yd
Left SE 15yd Streak
Left TE N3W3 (curl left)
Right TE N1E2 (delay 2)-N9 (open)
Right SE (delay 2)-N10 (open)
RB Screen Right

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. Left SE streak (quick)
  2. RB screen
  3. Left TE curl
  4. Right SE delay/streak
  5. Right TE delay/streak

The read progression here looks a lot more sophisticated than it really is in practice. This is a screen play so naturally you want the RB screen to be your primary target. I actually put this as the second read, though, because once in a while the left SE is uncovered off of the line and a quick throw to him will net an easy 10-15 yards. The screen pass has to be made fairly quickly though, so you can only take one glance at the SE before deciding to throw the screen. If the pre-snap defensive alignment does not look favorable to the streak or you simply aren't comfortable making a read and decision this quickly, just ignore this read.

Past this quick read you should be throwing the screen about 90% of the time. Even if it looks like the RB may be tackled for a loss it's probably better to try this throw than risk a sack after the right guard and tackle let the defensive linemen get through. If you absolutely can't make this throw without risking disaster, look for the left TE, right SE and right TE on their routes. Don't worry about an orderly progression here, just concentrate on getting rid of the ball quickly without creating a turnover. Any yards you do get are just a silver lining in an otherwise broken down play at this point.




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