HB Dozer is a simple but well balanced running play designed to be easy to execute effectively and offer simple decision making for the running back. I've found that it really offers just one cutback that can be made consistently. This is nice in game situations where the opposing defense is throwing a lot of different looks at you because your decision making is simplified, and it also makes for a good practice play because multiple reps will lead to very consistent execution that should translate well to real games.

Delta - HB Dozer

Two tight end sets are designed for running to the outside, and HB Dozer follows this mind set. With its extra-compact deployment and TEs lined up slightly off of the line of scrimmage the run doesn't have to go quite as far to the outside as it might in a more spread out Ace formation. The left TE acts a bit like a hybrid line/backfield lead blocker, while the left split end is often able to block down on the right outside linebacker from his short split position in Delta. The running back takes the handoff without delay but requiring good patience. With good blocks from the left side WR and TE the play can stretch wide to the outside, otherwise the back looks for a cutback against the grain, hoping to catch the defense over-pursuing.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line, Left TE and Right SE Run Block
QB Handoff to RB
Left SE Lead Off Right
Right TE Lead Wide Left
RB Shuffle Step - Dive Left

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

The play executes with intermediate speed so you should be able to take a good, quick look at the movement of the defense as the HB takes the handoff to make a quick assessment before gliding out behind the left TE. In most cases you will want to take the ball outside the TE and square the HB's shoulders upfield. If the SE gets a really good block take it all the way to the outside even if you have to run almost sideways. More often, a cutback will be available back to the right using a quick juke move immediately after running past the TE to his either side. This will take the HB right into the heart of the defense, but with a bit of over-pursuit there will often be seams or soft spots that will ensure at least a 5 yard gain if the cut is made cleanly. HB Dozer won't see many 10+ yard gains anyways, so it's best to take the tough yards inside when they're available.

This "one cut" type play is great for players who aren't so good at making quick move decisions on running plays because it really comes down to a single choice with two options, making for good juke move practice and reliable execution in more intense game situations.




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