Flare is a simple but effective passing play which gets all five receivers into the mix, has fast developing routes, and stretches the field vertically and horizontally. It features a simple post route by the tight end lined up in the slot which gets open regularly and is an excellent choice for converting 3rd and medium long.

Axe - Flare

In addition to the TE post, Flare features dual streak routes, a rarity in my normally quick throw offensive style. The right split end streak is mainly a decoy, creating room for the TE post and the flanker corner routes underneath. It also helps to occupy the safeties, which can open up the left SE streak, the real deep threat in the play. Because the left SE is lined up in isolation, with the linebackers and one or both safeties occupied by the post, corner and other streak route, the left streak can provide easy opportunities to cause some big damage. Just look for the SE to get inside position on the cornerback and make a throw before the safety can come over to help. If the safety doesn't react, the receiver may be able to take it all the way.

What may look like a significant weakness of Flare is lack of protection against the blitz. No blocking help for the line and a QB lined up directly under center might look like sacks waiting to happen. This is countered by the quick developing post and corner routes, the running back slant out as a safety valve, and the easy read and quick throw ability with the isolated left SE. You have to be ready to throw quickly, but in most cases this shouldn't be a problem.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Dropback 1yd
Left SE 25yd Streak
RB N2W6 (open)
TE 5yd Post
Right Flanker 5yd Corner
Right SE 25yd Streak

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. TE post
  2. Left SE streak
  3. RB out
  4. Flanker corner
  5. Right SE streak

The reads are straightforward. My favorite target is the first read, the TE over the middle. Keep looking left to the isolated SE. Although he's running a long streak, you want to look to him early because the FS's attention may be pulled by the strong side receivers, leaving your #1 receiver isolated on a corner. If he manages to get inside position you want to make the throw as soon as possible, before the corner gets a better angle to break up the pass downfield. Next, look for the RB in the flats, the corner, and finally the right side streak, which is a better bet deep, unlike the weak side streak.




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