Welcome to my Madden Books page. While I originally planned to release an entire series of books for purchase in Adobe PDF format filling out the formations presented on this website, I have since decided it would be best to release all of my plays through the website alone. My initial book, the The Monstrous Madden Playbook: Offense Volume I, did not really provide enough income to justify keeping a large number of plays from my wider website audience. If the Create-a-Playbook feature gains significantly in popularity in the next few years it might become worthwhile for me to continue my line of books, but for now the main site is where the new action is.

Additionally, because just about everyone who is likely buy Volume I has probably already done so, I decided in early 2005 that it was more important to me to give as many gamers as possible access to my plays that to scrape up a few extra bucks, and so I am now giving away The Monstrous Madden Playbook: Offense Volume I for free. This book fills out the formations I initially created for Madden NFL 2003, but these plays were tested (and as necessary modified) for Madden NFL 2004, and for the most part they work quite well for Madden NFL 2005 as well. You can get the PDF from the same place it was previously for sale, at my personal page at Lulu.com, or you can download it directly here.

Features in The Monstrous Madden Playbook: Offense Volume I

Since I'm giving this book away for free, I only ask one thing: don't keep it a secret. Have some friends who love Madden? Show 'em this book. The more Madden players that see my book, the more that will come to my site. The more visitors to my site, the more incentive I have to produce great new plays. The more plays I produce, the more great custom plays that you get to add to your arsenal. It works out pretty well for everyone. Feel free to distribute copies of the PDF however you like (email, websites, P2P), as long as the actual contents of the file are not modified in any way.

Contact Arkaein with any comments or questions regarding the Monstrous Madden Books.