Some running backs work best running North-South behind a strong lead blocking fullback. Others are at there best making quick cuts, picking their own holes along the line of scrimmage. If you like to use backs in the second category, the Jumbo Wing just might be your kind of formation. Two tight ends and a fullback line up tight on the right side creating the largest wing possible in an offensive formation (unless you wanted to make on that didn't have a running back). The running back lines up deep and to the right side, in position to take quick pitches to the outside and handoffs straight forward into the line.


Although Jumbo Wing is obviously a power formation, it really needs to be used to keep the opposing defense off guard and trying to guess what play you will call rather than trying to run them over with brute force. This is mainly due to the lack of a blocking back for running plays, without which a strong defensive line rush will be able to get significant penetration against the offensive line. The key is to mix up your play calling, causing the defense to either guess wrong, letting you easily run away from the rush, or hedge their bets and spread out along the wide front, letting your back cut to the holes that will form with man-on-man blocking.

While the shape of the Jumbo Wing formation was fairly easy to decide upon, determining the best player assignments was much trickier. I placed the #2 tight end next to the right tackle so that he could get the most blocking help. I decided that the #1 TE and fullback were more self sufficient and placed them to the outside. I have the FB out on the end, though I have thought about switching him with the #1 TE, tight ends being more experienced outside blockers and the rightmost position being a bit more involved in the Jumbo Wing passing plays. Feel free to try out different combinations here, though I believe that one place the FB should not be placed in the spot right next to the tackle, as his natural position is in the backfield and putting him up front on the line of scrimmage may not be suited to his abilities, and would not let him go in motion.


Jumbo Wing - Sweep


A quick pitch sweep play behind the right side wing. The play develops quickly compared to traditional sweeps, and the angle of attack allows the HB to cutback if the defense overplays the strong side.

Jumbo Wing - Strong Flood

Strong Flood

The inside tight end, fullback and halfback all run various out patterns to overwhelm the coverage on the strong side. The TE and FB split the defenders, creating an avenue for the HB out route to shoot into the open.

Jumbo Wing - Inside Pitch

Inside Pitch

The Jumbo Wing formation often forces defense to spread out wide along the defensive line to counter sweeps to the strong side. This quick hitter straight upfield can exploit the soft spots in a D-line spread thin. Power backs can slam right into the line, while small, shifty runners can make sharp cuts to wherever the hole naturally develops.

Jumbo Wing - TE Crisscross

TE Crisscross

A surprisingly versatile passing play out of a big formation. Just about any coverage you face, one of these routes ought to get open. The key routes are the crossing slants by the TEs which shake LB man coverage and exploit soft spots in zones.

Jumbo Wing - FB Fly

FB Fly

Catch defenses by surprise with this five route pass play featuring the FB going deep from the power-based Jumbo Wing formation. Not much pass protection available, but simple routes ensure easy reads and a quick release.

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