This is the place for all you Madden mad scientists out there to share your own creations with the world. If you have a great new play or formation you'd like to see in this section post it in the forums and indicate that you think it's worthy of consideration. I hold this section of this site to the same high standards I use for my own playbooks, so only submit your best and most original creations.

The Playbook

Jumbo Split

Jumbo Split by Kevin (All Star)

Jumbo Split was designed with one purpose in mind: running the HB Option Screen. Modified from the Packers' HB Counter Pass in the Jumbo T-Big formation, this is one of the most fun plays you'll ever see, with the starting HB given the option of running the ball or executing a screen pass to the other HB. Despite being designed around one play the formation is actually quite balanced and could support a wide variety of more traditional run and pass plays.

Single Wing

Single Wing by Patrick Roach (PimpDaddyPat)

This formation is modeled after the classic Single Wing created by Pop Warner. The Madden playbook maker doesn't support the type of unbalanced line with direct snap to a RB that the classic version used, but this reproduction captures the essence of that formation while remaining just as effective.

Kansas I

Kansas I by Kody Page (a.k.a. SouthTitanDude)

A twist on the standard I formation. It's not just the WRs in tight, or the TE off of the line, the HB is actually standing front of the FB here. While this goes against conventional I-form wisdom it creates interesting new possibilities in the running game.

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