Single Wing and HB Sweep submitted by Patrick Roach (PimpDaddyPat).

Formation Overview

Single Wing is a throwback to the olden days of football. While the traditional set was designed for a running based attack in which the ball was snapped directly to a RB behind an unbalanced line, this adaptation for Madden NFL captures much of the essential style and capability. While still best designed for a strong side running attack, counters and play action passes are also offer great potential.


I like any of the Full House formations to modify into the Single Wing by bringing the lead backs up to the FB and WR positions.

HB Sweep

Single Wing - HB Sweep

Normally a double pulling guard running play is an invitation for disaster in Madden, as the defense usually gets to the QB before he can make the handoff. Not so with HB Sweep in the Single Wing (well, maybe once in a while), where the short shotgun set of the QB combined with a quick shuffle step handoff results in a beautifully timed trap play where the defenders get suckered in and the guards pull to create a convoy of blockers along with the FB, TE and WR. HB Sweep is explosive enough to become a staple in any team's rushing attack.

Player Assignments

Position Action
LT, C and RT Run Block
LG and RG Pull Right
QB Handoff to RB
Left TE Lead Off Right
Right TE Lead Wide Left
WR Lead Off Right
FB Lead Far Right
RB Shuffle Step - Sweep Right

Blocking Assessment

While explosive, HB Sweep is not a very predictable play so the best advice I can give is to get lots of practice reps. In some cases you'll need an instant burst of speed to get by the inside rush through the holes vacated by the pulling guards. Other times the immediate defensive attack will be picked up and you'll have an almost leisurely stroll to the outside with your convoy of blockers, where the HB can wait for them all to engage a defender before hitting the jets. And though it's rare, occasionally an overzealous DT will over pursue and leave a lane right up the middle for a decent gain. In the worst scenario the HB or even the QB will be tackled almost immediately by a perfectly timed and targeted rush, but there's not much to do about this other than know it can happen and adjust your play calling accordingly.



  • Able to break big gains against a variety of defensive fronts
  • Excellent against weakside blitzes


  • Quick rush through past pulling RG can create tackle for loss, including tackle of QB before handoff
  • No Playmaker ability

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