A Wyvern is a mythical beast, a type of dragon with wings, scaly skin and a barbed tail. I felt this was an apt name for a compact formation with lots of speed, featuring plays that bite sharply and tear away at defenses. With four wide receivers, Wyvern is built for speed and quick throws. With its compact layout its also built for quick power runs. The running back can either take short handoffs and dash right into the line, or catch a pitch to the outside and weave around the wall of blocking receivers. Put either of the flankers or the back in motion and each passing play offers almost limitless possibilities.


I designed Wyvern to be a good power running as well as passing formation by virtue of its trio of wide receivers capable of team blocking for the running back. It didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped because wide receivers, unlike tight ends and fullbacks, just are not good matches for defensive ends and linebackers. Still, they provide enough push to get an adequate job done if the RB is of the quick and shifty variety. Speed is more important than bruising power for the back in this formation because the receivers can only sustain their blocks for a short time, so the back has to accelerate quickly to get to the hole before it closes. Someone like Warrick Dunn fits the bill nicely, though anyone with good acceleration and cutback ability will do.

As usual, I put the #2 receiver in the isolation SE position to allow the #1 wideout to work off of the routes of his neighbors. In Wyvern I place the #1 right in the middle, with #3 at the front/inside position to get quickly into his routes, while #4 gets mop-up duty. Not much else to say here.


Wyvern - Spinout


Spinout uses multiple angled streak routes to stretch the defense wide and deep as quickly as possible. The trips combo flares in three directions, each receiver using the route in front of him to clear out room. The isolated SE and RB also run routes to give the QB maximum firepower.

Wyvern - Strong Toss

Strong Toss

Even with four wide receivers in the formation, Strong Toss provides enough power to keep defenses honest instead of dropping back into soft zones to defend the pass. The blocking wall formed by the trips receivers is the key to this play's success.

Wyvern - HB Screen

HB Screen

A simple, easy to execute and effective screen play to the HB. The play takes advantage of the trips receivers in the Wyvern formation to form a natural blocking wall out in space. Regardless of the defensive formation or coverage, HB Screen has a chance to make big gains.

Wyvern - Poseidon


While not unstoppable, defenses playing straight man coverage might feel like it is. Though I've kept it under wraps for a long time, Poseidon is maybe my #1 go to passing play in critical situations. A must have for your playbook.

Wyvern - Junction


Junction is where a quick release meets big gain potential. The isolated SE works the outside while the bunched receivers mix it up over the middle. A perfect play to compliment other Wyvern plays which focus on the stronger left side.

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