Speed Quarter - Stunt Man

If the opposing offense is in a medium yardage situation with personnel that could be used to run or pass, Stunt Man is an excellent defense. Five of the seven defensive backs play man coverage, ensuring that every eligible receiver is covered. The slot corners blitz around the outside to pressure the quarterback or neutralize runs to the outside, while the ends and linebackers blitz at angles to try to find a gap in the offensive line.

Overall, Stunt Man is very well balanced. Six blitzers create decent pressure while five DBs provide solid pass coverage. The blitz is designed to attack each gap across the offensive line evenly while disguising the source by the use of varying attack angles. My favorite situation to use Stunt Man in is 3rd down and 5-7 yards to go. A pass is most likely here but teams will try to run a draw play once in a while, and Stunt Man is well equipped to handle either. Because of its six blitzers, Stunt Man can also be useful on earlier downs as a change of pace. Just don't overuse it, or the opposing offense will likely figure out that it can't stand up to power running straight up the middle on every down.

One word of caution with Stunt Man: although I like to use it against the pass because it provides a good balance between coverage and QB pressure and containment, you need to watch out for deep passes. Because no one plays deep zone coverage, it's possible for the safeties to get pulled down close by short routes while a CB gets beat deep while in single coverage.

Player Assignments

Position Action
RE Blitz Right
LE Blitz Left
ROLB Blitz Left
LOLB Blitz Right
Right Outside CB (CB #2) Man WR2
Right Slot CB (CB #3) Blitz Left
Left Slot CB (CB #4) Blitz Right
Left Outside CB (CB #1) Man WR1
Rover (SS #2) Man WR5
SS Man WR4
FS Man WR3

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