Quick Dime is probably the most traditional looking of my defensive formations. Going with my speed philosophy, I replace one of the defensive tackles with a second linebacker. This gives the formation a bit more speed and coverage ability, and provides a slightly better matchup than other Dime formations against modern running quarterbacks.


Although primarily a passing defense formation, Quick Dime does an adequate job against the run when used appropriately. It's fairly sturdy right up the middle, with all three linemen and both linebackers playing within the tackles. The corners up close to the line will discourage runs to the outside, especially when used to blitz. It is a little weak against runs off guard or tackle, so watch out for this and make adjustments at the line.

I have designed Quick Dime to be balanced through symmetry. As usual the best cornerbacks on islands on the outside, with the backups playing in the slot where more help is available. The #4 cornerback is paired on the same side as the #1 to keep overall pass coverage ability equal on both sides of the field. Though I have designed Quick Dime to use four cornerbacks and only two safeties, and I believe that this personnel is most appropriate for the schemes employed, you may want to use a third safety if he's significantly better than the fourth cornerback on your roster.


Quick Dime - Man Lock

Man Lock

A basic man coverage formation. All four corners and the strong safety play man coverage while the free safety roams the deep middle. This play will matchup well against any offensive formation and provides decent protection against the run.

Quick Dime - Arc Zone

Arc Zone

Arc Zone is designed to counter hurry up offenses that work the sidelines. The slot corners and safeties form an arc-shaped zone that covers deep and along the sidelines, pressuring the QB to throw to the middle. A QB spy helps prevent scrambles against the soft zone.

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