Those of you who have tried to use my unconventional 4-3 Stagger formation as your bases defense (and there have even been times when I've struggled with it) may find 3-4 Assault a refreshing alternative. It's a much more traditionally balanced, only slightly modified version of the normal 3-4 formation, designed to excellent lateral pursuit and lots of creative and aggressive blitzes.


Due to the wide, shallow base of the front seven, 3-4 assault is very good at blitzing straight up the middle and giving defenders a chance to hit running backs in the backfield. The lack of depth will allow a few runners a better chance at busting through cleanly, but that's always a risk any time a blitz is used. Additionally, the shallow set of the backers might seem susceptible to slant, drag, and crossing routes, but a good mix of coverages, including zone blitzes, can be enough to keep offenses guessing and off balance.

The defensive backfield is pretty much the standard deal, though the free safety is split just a bit wider than usual. This goes with the aggressive theme of 3-4 Assault; while slightly more plays may be given up down the deep middle the FS has a little bit easier time moving over and double teaming routes to the outside.


3-4 Assault - ILB Blitz

ILB Blitz

The basic run defense in the 3-4 Assault formation. Two blitzing inside linebackers provide a good push up the middle, while the outside linebackers in man coverage are able to flow quickly to the play, whatever direction it takes.

3-4 Assault - Flats Slammer

Flats Slammer

The play of choice to use against offensive tacticians like yours truly. If your opponent is steadily chipping away at your flanks with swing and flats routes, or you need to make slant passes a risky proposition, Flats Slammer fills the bill.

3-4 Assault - Spin Attack

Spin Attack

An aggressive blitzing attack with coverages modeled after my Speed Quarter - Spin Zone play. This version uses a six-man blitz designed to better shut down the run and force the QB to make throws before he is ready. When called at the right time this play can force sacks and INTs.

3-4 Assault - Wave Zone Blitz

Wave Zone Blitz

A zone blitz play that takes advantage of the positioning of the LBs close to the line of scrimmage. The assignments in this play look haphazard, but do a good job applying pressure, pursuing side-to-side, and creating difficult reads for the QB.

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