IB Double Wham is a play you might like if you've found one of my all-time favorite running plays, Delay Sweep in the Diamond Wing formation, to be productive. This plays borrow the lead back blocking techniques employed by Delay Sweep, with the near side blocker leading straight forward and the far side blocker delivering a sideways kickout block. Due to the depth of the Sidewinder running backs in comparison with Diamond Wing, IB Double Wham is more of a North-South running play, with the IB using a quicker and more direct dive technique and no linemen pulling. It also is run in the opposite direction, making it a nice complimentary play.

Sidewinder - IB Double Wham

What IB Double Wham doesn't change is the effectiveness. Sidewinder is primarily a power formation, and this play adds somewhat sophisticated blocking without laying off on the power one bit. The play is aimed upfield, but the block of the lead FB gives the ability to cut quickly to the outside as well. IB Double Wham is also extremely flexible. If the defense stacks the right side, just hit the Playmaker and shift the direction of the play to the left. In some cases this works even better because now you're running behind the additional block of the TE. Just like Delay Sweep, IB Double Wham has quickly become one of my favorite running plays. I think it may become one of yours too.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line, TE and WR Run Block
QB Handoff to IB
FB Lead Outside Right
W (FB2) Lead Wide Right
IB (HB) Back Step - Dive Right

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

The straight-ahead W block is primary, and following directly behind this makes the play much like any lead rushing play up the middle. The FB kickout block in this case mainly serves to keep any edge rushers off the I back's backside. Howver, if the running lane up the middle gets plugged up there's a good chance the outside may be open thanks to this block. A quick juke to the outside and you can look to either run around the carnage back towards the middle, or sprint towards the right sideline.

Despite the asymmetry of the Sidewinder formation in general and the IB Double Wham blocking in particular, the situation is almost exactly the same when the direction is switched using the Playmaker control. The only significant difference is the tight end. Because of his position, runs to the left should generally be a little wider and aimed towards the outside than runs to the right. Otherwise treat everything the same.

Finally, although you can use motion to move either lead blocking back up to the line of scrimmage, the timing of this play is pretty well developed and in general you'll be better off leaving the players where they are.




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