Jumbo Wing - Sweep

Sweep is just the play Jumbo Wing was designed for: a run far to the outside around the blocking of the two tight ends and the fullback that form the big wing section of the formation. Though a run blitz to the strong side will get penetration and likely bust up the play, a defensive line spread out wide to cover the entire offensive front will be hit with man-on-man blocking, allowing a speedy back to race to the outside and turn the corner upfield.

Because it stands a fairly good chance of getting to the outside, Sweep has pretty good big play potential. However, like many big potential plays it can be a bit hit or miss. The best gains will come against defenses shifted to the weak side (won't happen too often, unless they expect a pass and want a good end rush) or blitzes to the inside. This means that Sweep will work best if you can set it up a few plays in advance. Most defenses will probably be expecting runs to the strong side the first time they see the Jumbo Wing, so calling pass plays or inside runs may shift them away from this position, making it the perfect time to hit them with Sweep.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Run Block
QB Handoff to RB
SE Run Block
Inside TE Run Block
Slot TE Lead Right
FB Lead Outside Right
RB Receive Pitch - Sweep Right

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

The alignment of the defense plays a big part in the success Sweep will have. The best situation you can hope for is that the defense executes an inside run blitz. The quick pitch and the RB's position behind the right tackle mean that any inside blitzers will be caught in the mass of bodies and unable to pursue. The wing blockers should then easily be able to block the left defensive end and the FB should flatten the CB. Follow directly behind the FB until he engages his block in case you have to cut upfield. In most cases you can get the most yards running to the outside of this block, but you need to be prepared to take the first good opening you see.

Things don't go so well if the defense is ready for the play. If the defense stacks against runs to the strong side the play won't be going very far. All of the blockers will be caught up with the defensive line and linebackers, causing one big jam of bodies, with the strong side cornerback untouched to close off the outside. It can also be bad if the linebackers all play man coverage shifted to the strong side; the fullback will get outside to block the cornerback but the tight ends may be overmatched by the defensive end and the middle and left outside linebackers, one of which will probably slip through into the backfield. You want to avoid these situations by setting up Sweep with other plays first.




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