Jumbo Wing - FB Fly

No one expects the FB to run a deep streak route, right? If that's what the opposing defense thinks then you might be able to come up with some big gains from FB Fly. Designed to create a mismatch by sending the FB straight up the field as one of five pass routes, there's a good chance the FB may be the forgotten man by the secondary. If so, great speed or route running abilities won't be needed to make a big catch. If the defense is not so easily fooled then the other four routes combine to form a fundamentally sound pass play than can surprise opponents expecting the run.

Though it's the intended focus of the play, the plodding FB is a late read and more often the QB will rely on his two TEs running short in and out routes to get open and allow for a quick pass release. The out route in particular gets help from the FB providing a bit of a rub against man coverage. The SE streak should be enough to keep defenses honest against the deep attack, so if they cheat up close to the line then throwing a quick fade might teach them some respect. Overall this play isn't really dynamic enough to use often, but it's simplicity should make it easy to incorporate into your power formation attack.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Dropback 1yd
SE 20yd Streak
Inside TE 5yd In
Slot TE 5yd Out
FB 20yd Streak
RB Swing Left

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. TE in
  2. TE out
  3. SE streak
  4. RB swing
  5. FB streak

With five routes to choose from and not a lot of time it's important to make a pre-snap read of the defense and pick about three routes to really key on. The most reliable routes against a wide variety of coverages are the TE in and out, so start with those. Both are effective at slipping under most zone coverages, and the out is money against man by using the FB streak to rub off defenders. Both routes are effective against blitzes, though you need to be sure that the inside TE gets a clean release before making the short throw over the middle. Next take a quick look over to the SE streak. Although it's a deep route, the best odds here are for a quickly released, deep fade style pass against obvious single coverage. Some success with the power running game can help set this up by forcing the safeties down close in run support.

Next scan down to the RB swing. This is a great blitz killer but isn't very good against most other coverages, as zones only have to worry about the SE on this side of the field and man coverage has enough time to react to the long distance the RB must cover. Finally comes the FB fly (streak), the namesake of the play. The FB is often the forgotten man in pass coverage, typically drawing LB single coverage and occasionally being turned completely loose. He must fight through traffic though, and limited speed and route running ability mean that it's up to the QB to make a well timed, well placed throw. This route is most effective at beating Cover 2 press coverage, throw a medium arcing lob over the OLB and to the outside away from the strong safety for a successful 15-25 yard completion.




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