Strong Toss is the combination speed and power running play which Wyvern was designed for. The running back gets a quick pitch and runs out behind the trips receivers on the strong side. Although there is a gap between the left tackle and the split end, a quick running back aided by down blocks by the receivers should let the run make it to the outside.

Wyvern - Strong Toss

Because the wide receivers are not especially powerful blockers, Strong Toss relies a bit on surprise to be effective. You have to make the defenders spread out to the weaker right side of the formation, as well as backing away from the line to defend the pass to allow a chance for the blockers to push upfield and give the RB room to make moves to get by defenders. One other problem that may come up is if the right defensive end lines up right in the gap off left tackle he may be able to get to the RB before the RB reaches the outside. This is a bit of a gamble by the end as the back may be able to run right by him while the left tackle is freed up to block a linebacker, but can also blow the play up in the backfield. Motioning either flanker over a step will seal this gap, but will reduce the upfield push and may give away the play to the defense. Using similar motions with passing plays may disguise your intentions, as well as giving defenses something more to think about.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Run Block
QB Handoff to RB
Left Outside Flanker Lead Far Right
Left Inside Flanker Lead Right
Left SE Lead Far Right
RB Receive Pitch - Sweep Left
Right SE Run Block

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

The RB needs to have a quick first step to get behind the receivers and away from the defensive linemen. This is especially true if the right DE lines up in the gap off left tackle, where he may come though unblocked. Motion a receiver over to remedy this problem. After that the back can either plow behind the blocking receivers for fairly reliable short yardage, or head to the outside and put a little shake and bake on the cornerback.




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