Wishbone-Big - Power Off Tackle

Power Off Tackle is one of the better running plays I've ever created, at least out of any of my heavy formations. Because it's aimed fairly strictly towards the left side it isn't quite as versatile as a play like HB Lead Smash, but it makes up for this through its sheer blocking power. Because the blocking stretches out far along the line of scrimmage this play is especially effective after a few power runs up the middle to force the defense in tight. With the defense sucked in close the tight end and lead blocking fullback and left running back can seal the defensive front seven and allow for solid gains.

The biggest drawback to the play is probably the lack of flexibility. Working from a quick back step and aimed at a sharp angle the RB doesn't have a lot of options if the defense stacks the left side. This is more of a concern at the goal line than in the open field though, as the Wishbone has enough blocking power to achieve decent gains against a base defense even if the defenders are in fairly good position.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line and TEs Run Block
QB Handoff to Right HB
FB Lead Outside Left
Left HB Lead Off Left
Right HB Back Step - Off Tackle Left

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

The primary goal of the blocking in Power Off Tackle is to seal the defensive front seven to the inside allowing the RB to hit the line of scrimmage unmolested and with a full head of steam to juke or just run over defensive backs. This will be most effective if you setup the play using runs to the inside and right side to force adjustments away from the target gap. If all goes according to plan the RB will not want to make any moves until late in the run, if at all. The D-line will not be trapped for long, so speed is the key rather than finesse. Get right in behind those lead blockers.

If the defense does shift to the offense's left side the situation is worse, but there are alternatives. Either the FB or left RB can be motioned out to the left to stretch the blocking a little further outside. I prefer the left RB because he blocks more straight-ahead, making him less likely to run past a defender. Snap the ball when he is directly behind the TE. If you only need to gain a yard or less be careful with these motions, because although they improve the odds of making a run of medium to long yardage, they also improve the odds that a defensive lineman can get penetration and a tackle in the backfield.




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