Deep Drag features multiple crossing routes designed to free up the left flankers underneath the coverage, hopefully loosing their defenders in the confusion. This works best against man coverage because the defensive backs end up chasing the receivers sideways across the field. Even against zone, the deep routes should draw enough coverage to open up the drag route across the middle. Because of the ease in reading and making this throw, this is one of my favorite plays for must have 1st down conversions.

Tsunami - Deep Drag

This deep drag route is the primary target. Coming all the way across from the left side, the flanker is almost sure to get good separation from a corner in man coverage. This makes for an easy throw for a good 10-12 yard gain. The key is timing the throw to hit between any linebackers in coverage, usually just after the right hash marks. The out pattern run by the other flanker is a nice second option, though the sideline can make it tight, especially if the play starts on the left hash marks. In this case you need almost perfect timing, with a hard throw right as the receiver breaks.

One potential drawback to this play is that a human could probably learn to defend the drag pretty well after being stung by it a few times. The counter to this is that I have a wide selection of Tsunami plays, all of which are confusing and are hard for defenses to assess quickly. Look for more Tsunami plays in the next few weeks!

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Receive Shotgun Snap
RB Pass Block
Left Outside Flanker E1-N4E2-N1E3 (open)
Left SE 15yd Post
Left Inside Flanker 10yd Out
Right SE 25yd Streak

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. Right SE streak
  2. Left outside flanker deep drag
  3. Left inside flanker out
  4. Left SE post




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