Backslide is one of my most aggressive passing plays, intended to stun defenses by hitting hard and fast. While not the most consistent play to execute, its quick opening, big play potential and extraordinary depth of reads make it an excellent choice when you want to attack for medium to long gains in one shot.

Tsunami - Backslide

My favorite route is the triple progression route by the isolated split end. His quick slant can be hit sharply immediately after the snap for a good 10 yard gain, with potential to go all the way if the safeties are blitzing or out of position. If the slant is not open, the SE will then break sharply to the outside where he can be hit close to the sideline. He then pauses for one second, which is helpful if the quarterback scrambles to the right, giving an easy target. After this delay the SE breaks upfield on a final streak. This portion of the route is rarely used, but gets the most you can ask out of a single receiver.

While the SE does his thing on the right side, the trips receivers are busy making things happen on the left. The inside flanker runs a type of slant post route right over the middle of the field. This route gives the best big yardage potential in the play. The left split end runs a corner route, forcing the left safety to pick one receiver and allow the other probable single coverage. The outside flanker undercuts these routes with a shallow drag. To top things off, the running back cuts behind and to the left of the QB to sneak out into the left flats for an easy dumpoff and possible good run after.

The sheer number of possible throws makes Backslide a bit tricky to learn. However its aggressive, attacking style are enough to make it a favorite, and make opposing defenses think twice about sending blitzes.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Receive Shotgun Snap
RB S1-W5-N1W1 (open)
Left Outside Flanker N2E2-E4 (open)
Left SE 10yd Corner
Left Inside Flanker N4E1-N6E4 (open)
Right SE N2W2-E3 (delay 1 sec)-N8 (open)

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. Right SE slant
  2. Right SE out
  3. Left inside flanker slant post
  4. Left outside flanker drag
  5. Left SE corner
  6. RB backside swing
  7. Right SE streak

On the SE slant, the most important read is the LB to that side before the plays starts and his initial motion after the snap. The throw is open if he doesn't move out into a zone with the snap. The out pattern afterward is usually dependent on whether the LB follows the SE. If so just move onto the next read.

As usual, things change if a blitz comes. Against most blitzes the slant is still you're best option, but if its not there or the SE is jammed at the line, look for the slant post route early, or just jam a hard throw to the drag route early. It probably won't be caught because there will be a lot of traffic while the trips receivers are still bunched together, but a hard throw over a very short distance is at least hard to pick off.




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