Designed primarily as a compliment to the set of solid running plays available in T Bone-Jumbo, Drummer is well suited to teams with great running personnel but below average receivers. The focus of the play is the running back wheel route which is equally effective countering inside run blitzes and striking deep down the sidelines.

T Bone-Jumbo - Drummer

While the reads are quite simple, Drummer requires more practice than it might first appear. With only three routes each receiver can expect to fight through significant coverage unless the defense sells out to stuff the run. A pair of fullbacks in ideal position to pick up the blitz provide excellent pass protection no matter what kind of pressure the defense brings, but the extra protection is often necessary to allow the receivers (especially the lone wideout running the deep in) to get open. Because the fullbacks will rarely be knocked over, even by a defensive tackle or end, quarterbacks able to maneuver in the backfield will be able to buy the time they need. Stepping up in the pocket and keeping the FBs between the QB and defenders is an essential component of practicing this play.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Dropback 3yd
SE N4E1-N1E5 (open)
TE N2E1-E5 (open)
FBs Pass Block
HB N2W3-N5W3 (open)

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. TE out
  2. RB wheel
  3. SE deep in

Drummer's progression is simple. Look to the TE first, but in general don't throw this pass unless a cornerback blitz leaves the TE wide open after the snap. A CB in either man or flats zone coverage is too easily able to undercut the route for a potentially lethal interception and runback. Next is the first major read, the RB wheel. Early this route is a great blitz counter, later it provides Drummer's best deep threat. Unless a blitz leaves the RB wide open the QB will need to hold the ball and throw either a deep lob, letting the back outrun LB man or shallow zone coverage, or gun the ball between the CB and safety after the RB breaks through press coverage. The SE deep in is solid against man (including man under) coverage, but this route also needs a lot of time to develop and the throw should be made to the far side of the field.




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