Strong T - HB Off Tackle

This simple but effective running play is my favorite to use when you really need just a few yards. The tight end on the strong side extends the line to give a wide blocking base, while two lead blockers give enough power and flexibility to get a good drive forwards. By combining power with running to the outside HB Off Tackle gives an excellent combination of reliability and steady yardage.

HB Off Tackle is ideal when the defense is stacked strong up the middle, such as in short yardage situations when a dive play might be expected. Two lead blockers means that it can be taken to the outside safely, despite a strong defensive push. Several times I've used this play to score 1 or 2 yard touchdowns against the CPU without being touched.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line and TEs Run Block
QB Handoff to RB
Whip RB Lead Far Right
Center RB Back Step - Outside Right
FB Lead Far Right

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Blocking Assessment

The running back needs to take the first few steps to the outside quickly. Because both lead blockers sweep to the right, and the running back takes a second before following, this play is most vulnerable to a quick rush right up the middle. This is not a huge concern because none of the offensive lineman pull, but it should be considered.

Next the RB needs to make his decision about where to cut. If the FB gets a good jump he may be able to seal off the corner, and the RB can sweep all the way to the outside. Otherwise, look for the gap between the FB and the lead blocking whip RB. Because this play should be expected to produce huge gains, it's usually best to turn straight upfield at this point. If you're lucky though, you may be able to race to the corner. Look for a juke early to bust to the outside, with a possible stiff arm late. Spin moves should be avoided because there are usually a bunch of defenders converging after breaking past the line.




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