Strike Nickel - Double CB Strike

If like plays that are a bit on the unconventional side, then you might want to give Double CB Blitz a try. I have a few plays in my dime and quarters defensive formations that blitz both the slot corners (although no such Quick Dime play is actually posted yet, sorry!) but neither has plays in which two cornerbacks are blitzed from the same side. This tactic is part real pass rush and part ruse, because the defensive end on that side drops off into flats zone coverage. Though the cornerback blitzes can cause real pressure problems for the quarterback, the most likely effect is that he will see the blitz and want to get rid of the ball before he really wanted to. This pass may be an errant one in the direction of one of the several medium to deep zone defenders, or he may follow the conventional wisdom of throwing in the direction of the blitz, only to have the pass broken up by the defensive end.

In all, Double CB Strike features six defenders in zone coverage and the top cornerback in man, giving excellent pass defense but somewhat soft run defense. The area that is particularly vulnerable is the left side of the line of scrimmage, where a quick developing power run will slip by the blitzing cornerbacks and overpower the defensive end in pass coverage. It is also a bit suspect against outside runs to the offense's right side, though this depends on good blocking early and a sustained block by the rightmost wide receiver on the isolated cornerback. Out and corner patters to this side are also hard to stop, particularly if there are two receivers lined up against the lone CB. Just make sure not to show this play too often, or manually reposition defenders if necessary, and you'll be all right.

Double CB Strike is a nice change-up against offenses who don't expect the blitz. In addition, you don't really sacrifice much in coverage because of its zone blitz elements. Just make sure not to overuse it, as its success depends significantly on taking the QB by surprise.

Player Assignments

Position Action
RE Flats Zone Right
DT Blitz Middle
LE Blitz Left
ROLB Curl Zone Right
MLB Hook Zone
LOLB Flats Zone Left
Right Outside and Slot CBs (CBs #2 and #3) Blitz Left
Left CB (CB #1) Man WR1
SS and FS Deep Zone

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