Golden Dollar - Mega Prevent

While Golden Dollar is designed to stop deep passes, Mega Prevent takes it a step farther and is intended almost entirely to eliminate the Hail Mary. With the cornerbacks playing off and four safeties in deep zone, it excels at just this. In my testing every pass thrown deeper than 25 yards was double covered, and many such deep passes were triple or even quadruple covered. This is not to say that no passes are ever completed deep against this defense, but it pretty much requires an individual defender to completely botch his assignment, or for a receiver to make an outstanding individual play.

This is my favorite Golden Dollar defense because it really doesn't have any weaknesses past about 6-7 yards downfield. With four deep zone safeties and the outside CBs playing back there's no chance for a streak pattern to burn the defense quickly due to a DB biting on a quick move or pump fake. Unless the offense goes five wide every wide receiver is man covered, leaving only a likely running back to roam a bit freely in the undercoverage. The LBs spreading out into shallow zone ensure that a RB or scrambling quarterback won't get very far once they do get out of the backfield, and are in decent position to tip or even intercept many short to medium passes. Many shorter passes and a few medium passes will be completed, but with at least two defenders almost guaranteed to be in the area YAC potential is very limited.

The biggest weaknesses with Mega Prevent is that the QB can have infinite time in the pocket, and that quick out patterns will easily gain at least 5 yards while preventing the clock from running. As long as you only use this formation to prevent deep touchdowns or strikes to setup field goals with very little time left, or to protect very big leads, this shouldn't be an issue.

Player Assignments

Position Action
ROLB Curl Zone Right
MLB Hook Zone
LOLB Curl Zone Left
Right Outside CB (CB #2) Man WR2
Right Slot CB (CB #3) Man WR3
Left Slot CB (CB #4) Man WR4
Left Outside CB (CB #1) Man WR1
FSs and SSs Deep Zone

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