Edge Nickel - Double Flat Blitz

Following in the style of its formation, Double Flat Blitz brings an aggressive, attacking mentality to the Edge Nickel formation, and is about equally effective against both the run and the pass. Four defensive linemen and two slot cornerbacks provide a rush spread evenly across the line of scrimmage. This ensures both a strong pass rush and virtually eliminates any opportunity for the offense to run the ball outside without utilizing extra blockers. The balanced player assignments makes it easy to perform shifts and call position audibles for any offensive matchup.

This play is a bit risky to use against good running QBs, and to a lesser extent running backs with a quick burst up the middle. Although the outside rushers should easily shut down or string out any run outside the tackles, the slightly wide spread of the rush can leave gaps open up the middle. These gaps will not usually be filled very quickly by the zone defenders in the second and third levels. This can be more of a problem when shifting the linebackers to counter an unbalanced offensive formation (which is generally a good strategy, as a stacked offensive line is one way an offense might successfully run outside). Bringing the D-line in tight will solidify the middle but usually disrupts the normal blitz mechanics. The slot corners rely on a good defensive end rush to be effective, and sliding the bigger pass rushers inside will let pass blocking RBs pick up the DB blitzes fairly easily.

The biggest vulnerability in Double Flat Blitz is against underneath passes, particularly those thrown late and to the outside. All five pass defenders play zone, three DBs dropping deep and two linebackers roaming the short middle. Although the CBs start in good position to defend quick passes to the outside, a longer developing curl or out pattern can easily be completed underneath the coverage. This is not a trivial task for the offense, as the pass rush makes long developing pass plays difficult to execute, but it means that a good protection scheme combined with passes aimed to the outside flats is probably the surest way to defeat this play, unless the defensive makes some last second adjustments. The key here (like with a lot of plays) is to not overuse Double Flats Blitz, especially in likely passing situations.

Player Assignments

Position Action
D-Line Base
LBs Hook Zone
Right Slot CB and SS Blitz Middle
Outside CBs and FS Deep Zone

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