A short passing play inspired by Reflex and Flicker. Two receivers start running one way laterally across the field before suddenly turning back in the other direction. Unlike Reflex and Flicker, Snapback is asymmetric, and the two pivoting receivers both start left then turn right rather than running mirrored routes.

4 Wide - Snapback

The right flanker is the primary target, working double duty as a blitz hot read by starting sharply in to the left, then pivoting back to the right to shake man coverage and move into the main section of his route. The split ends both run post routes which stretch the defense down field and take advantage of the fact that safeties and linebackers will want to move up to engage the flankers and running back. The left flanker runs a route similar to the right flanker, but slower developing and through more traffic. If nothing is open early but the QB has time, this route over the middle works well and is an easy throw. The running back runs a swing to the left. This makes a good safety valve but will not usually gain many yards unless thrown late down the sideline because the RB often gets caught up in the defensive traffic following the left flanker and SE.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Dropback 2yd
RB Swing Left
Left SE 5yd Post
Left Flanker N1W2-N1E2-E6 (open)
Right Flanker N1W3-N2E9 (open)
Right SE 10yd Post

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. Right flanker quick slant in
  2. Left SE post
  3. Right flanker slant out
  4. Right SE post
  5. RB swing
  6. Left flanker over middle

This progression jumps around a lot more than I usually like, so it is important to read the defense before the snap to pick out the most likely targets. I find it may be easier to approach the play from a novice's type of perspective: rather than checking through a list of routes, visualize the paths the receivers will take before the play and watch for open areas. For the right flanker look for a blitz first and throw immediately if the short middle is open, otherwise watch the right side linebacker. The flanker will likely get by man coverage but may be smothered in zone. For the post routes watch the safeties. If either safety moves down or to the outside the post route should get open over the middle. Just be sure to throw as the receiver breaks to prevent the defense from recovering. The left flanker route may take too long to develop to be used much of the time, but will get open over the middle if the LBs move to the outside to cover the RB or chase either flanker. Again, watch for a LB lurking in zone.




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