A fairly traditional slant play like those often featured by West Coast style offenses. It relies on sharp routes by the receivers and snap decisions by the quarterback. When executed well it is virtually unstoppable for 5-10 yard gains.

4 Wide - Quick Slants

The flankers are the primary targets, specifically the right flanker who runs a slant directly off of the line. Unless he's jammed immediately by a defender he'll be running away from his man, slicing between linebackers. The QB just has to pick an opening between linebackers and fire the pass quickly. The early reads are high percentage, but typically yield the shortest gains, about 5-10 yards unless the safeties leave the middle open for a big run after the catch. The short throw distance and quick timing also make it very hard to throw an interception unless the pass is tipped by a defensive lineman. The outside posts are harder to throw and have greater chance of interception but should gain at least 15 yards.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Dropback 1yd
RB Swing Right
Left SE 10yd Post
Left Flanker 5yd Post
Right Flanker N4W6 (open)
Right SE 5yd Post

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. Right flanker slant
  2. Right SE post
  3. Left flanker post
  4. Left SE post
  5. RB swing

With Quick Slants, like many other 4 Wide plays, it is very important to read the defense before the snap. If you see what looks like a vulnerability, read the route in that spot first, otherwise the speed of the play may cause the opening to be closed by the time you get to it in the normal progression.

Additionally, I generally throw the first read about 80% of the time because it is by far the easiest; the DB covering the right flanker has no hope of staying with him off of the line without cheating inside a bit (in which case a play like Undertow will really burn him). The other routes take a lot more practice to get down, but are necessary if the linebackers drop back to cover the slant, or the right flanker is jammed at the line.




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