4-3 Stagger - Zone Blitz

The Zone Blitz play brings pressure up the middle while sliding both defensive ends out to the flats, both to defend against quick, short passes and to string out running plays to the outside. It is also effective at preventing the quarterback from scrambling gain yards around the outside. This makes it well suited in most short yardage situations, as well as close to the end zone where short passes in the flats can often go for touchdowns.

Because Zone Blitz leaves only four defensive backs to defend against medium to deep passes it is not recommended for every down usage. The middle of the field is especially vulnerable because none of the linebackers stay back in pass coverage. Still, it makes a nice change-up without risking too much because it provides a solid front against almost any run, as well as most short passes, while leaving all DBs in pass coverage.

Player Assignments

Position Action
RE Flats Zone Right
Line DT Base
Staggered DT Blitz Middle
LE Flats Zone Left
ROLB Blitz Left
MLB Base
Right CB (CB #2) Man WR2
Left CB (CB #1) Man WR1
SS Man WR4
FS Man WR3

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