Double Rub makes use of dual paired crossing routes, that is the two receivers farthest on the outside on the right run routes that start horizontal and parallel and cross through the parallel vertical routes run by the inside receivers. The spacing is just right so that the SE runs right between the staggered inside receivers, even though he is running perpendicular to them. This makes the play both look really cool and makes it very difficult for defensive backs in man coverage to stick with their men. After the pairs of receivers cross, each pair splits apart to stretch the defense.

Bomber - Double Rub

Double Rub works best as a medium range passing play, but has viable routes at about every possible depth. The best target is the shallow drag route run by the rear outside flanker. He slips basically under the heart of the defense while getting enough depth at the end to gain a good 7-10 yards with an easy read and throw. With a bit more time the out pattern can get about the same amount of yardage, and the corner and drag post routes offer nice, complimentary deep threats. Meanwhile, the tight end simply runs out a quick corner to the open left side to force the defense to cover the whole field or pay the consequences.

While not the easiest play to use with maximum effectiveness, Double Rub's primary shallow drag offers a fairly safe and easy throw in a formation that should cause confusion and doubt in the opposing defense. Two serious deep threats, good route balance, and a quick tight end read should be enough to slow down most blitzes as well, making this play more suitable than many wide receiver heavy plays for gradual learning.

Player Assignments

Position Action
O-Line Pass Block
QB Receive Shotgun Snap
TE N6W6 (open)
Front Inside Flanker 15yd Corner
Rear Inside Flanker 10yd Out
Rear Outside Flanker W2-N2W2-N1W2 (open)
Right SE W2-N1W2-N5W2 (open)

See the Madden Playbook Guide for a description of these symbols.

Read Progression

  1. TE quick corner
  2. Rear outside flanker drag
  3. Rear inside flanker out
  4. Right SE drag post
  5. Front inside flanker corner




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