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Power I Variation

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PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2006 3:16 pm    Post subject: Power I Variation Reply with quote

This is a formation I've used with success since the inception of the play creator. As you can see, it's basically a Power I, but with the TE to the backfield side being replaced by a SE.



This formation takes advantage of the fact that most people look to the TE to determine "strong side." Here, the strong side is actually to the backfield.

My primary play is a counter, power run to the true strong side. The OL and TE "run block," while the SE attempts to run off the CB with a streak pattern. The inline FB, a traditional blocking back, lead blocks off right tackle. The offset FB, a more versatile type, leads outside RT. The HB takes a counter step to the TE side before taking the ball off right tackle.

I also run a counter to the TE side with the FBs leading left.

If the defense widens to contain these runs, then my dive play comes. The inline FB lead blocks left or right depending on where you want to run. The offset FB leads off right tackle to contain the DE and/or blitzing LB. HB takes a back step and dives into the line.

In the 2003 version, using the Patriots with Dan Graham at TE, and William Green (via trade) at HB, I averaged over 300 ypg rushing on All-Pro.
I have two base pass plays from this formation.

The first features the TE, and if you have a TE who can run, this play is hard to stop.

Assignments -

TE - custom route.....similar to a drag. Route goes up 2 blocks/over 1 (diagonal), then all the way right across the formation and up 1 block (another diagonal). "Get open" at end.

SE - Streak

HB - flats left

inline FB - pass block

offset FB - swing right

The TE will often be wide open for 9-12 yards at a time. If your TE can run, most LBs can't stay with him across the formation in man. In zone, the route generally finds the soft spot between the 'backers and DBs.

Either the HB or offset FB are good safety valve options.

And if the opportunity presents itself, you can go over the top to the SE for a quick 6.

The second play is a PA version of the play, with the intent on hitting the SE for the big play.


My philosophy is generally to pound the ball........I run probably 90% of the time.....and force the defense to sell out to stop the run. Then I loosen 'em up with the TE pass or look for the big play.

These are just my base plays, and have proven very effective vs the CPU on All-Pro.

Against humans.......ironically, it is more effective against those skilled in the Madden defensive audibles/adjustments. As with the CPU, most people look to the TE for strong side and adjust accordingly. One who sits in a base formation, without shifting, is in a better position to defend the base runs. You almost always have a man advantage at the poa.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 3:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That actually looks like to me a condensed version of the Full House - Strong formation, I would actually move the right FB to the right one more block so everything is not squished together but that's just me.......

I like that formation though.
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