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Empty set (new playbook section)

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2004 6:49 am    Post subject: Empty set (new playbook section) Reply with quote

Que pasa
I have a new formation that is an empty 5 WR set. I am going to show it to you so you can get the motions right
-Go to ADD PLAY section
-select Oaklands playbook
-Coose any play from the singleback empty 5 WR formation
-set the QB back 2 more squares
-shift the right ionside flanker so that it would look like this



The play is SHOVEL PASS

I found a way to get around the new motion rules of 2005. What it is, is a shovel pass to the left inside flanker that you changed. You are going to just motion him to the right and by the time the QB is done droping back, he is open. But just incase everyone else runs two purpose routes.
A. Take DB's downfeild
B. Provide an option incase there is no way the shovel pass can be thrown.

Player assignments
LT pass block
LG pass block
C Pass block
RG Pass block
RT Run Block
Left SE and FL N2-N4E2
Left inside flanker (motion to line) S1E1-N1E2
Right WR's N2E1-N5
QB drop two steps

Read progression
1-Left inside flanker shovel
2-Left Se Post
3-Left outside flanker post
4-Right flanker wheel
5-Right SE wheel

When to call
you probabally wouldnot want to call this on any other down but first or second. It was designed to pick up short yardage rather then deep gains. Also just in case it doesnt work, you have 1-3 other chances

-Good play to get decent yardage
-Doesnt give defense time or position to cover the pass
-Has the potential for deep gains
-Good pass protection isnt really a vital because it is a quick pass

-Doesnt go deep generally
-The quick pass can be so quick it wont allow the WR to get a good hand on the ball
-Even though the route can not be jammed by DB's, it could be slowed down by the d-line

Clown Cross
This is a bread and butter play used against man-on-man coverages. The two right wideouts start out running the same pattern when suddenl, the flanker cuts to an out while the DB's go on with the SE. IT also utilizes the pass protection scheme I created to allow a play more time to develop.

Player assignments
Qb-Drop three yards
Right SE N1W2
Right FL n1W2-n1e2
Left se 15 yrd corner
left outside flanker 15yrd corner
left inside flanker (same motion as above, but with a run block as the assignment)
O-line Run Block

Read progression
1-Right flanker out
2-Right SE slant
3-Left SE Corner
4-Left outside flanker corner

How it works
this play works in the mechanics of the common west coast offense play scissors wher 2 quick slants cross. This however starts with the same routes giving the defense a false read the it is going to be a flood pass when the Flanker crosses over and gets open. Meanwhile the O-line is pushing up against the defense as hard as it can to create more time for the play to deve;op

When to call
this play can be called on any down. mainly because it is so versitile. I would personallycall it when you are expecting man coverage.

-Excellent against man coverage and can break for big gains
-Very quick developing play, excellent against strong pass rushes
-The O-line puts up extra strong blocks to keep the pass rush back
-Doent really require a good team
-Not as effctive against zones

The second play is the best. Hoefully tomorow I can get out my other bread and butter plays.
Jesus saves!!!
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