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JWAG's offensive/ defensive tips/strategies

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 2:26 am    Post subject: JWAG's offensive/ defensive tips/strategies Reply with quote

Offensive Tips
- i know that most people say that u mix up your plays. thid doesent work at all because the defense will predict your play upon formation
- if you are near the goalline, run a hb dive from a 4wr formation
- i try run, run, pass, punt if stopped. if not, run,run,pass,run,run,pass,etc.
-mix plays with formations, try a pass out of goal line or a run out ot a shotgun spread
- use the slick motion to have an extra blocker 4 xample, run i form normal call any run play to the weakside xcept sweeps/tosses then motion the te. b sur 2 hike it when he's between the lg & lt
-if you run a lot then use a play action, u will get a person open almost every time
if a db is behind a reciever, lob it 2 him, if he's in front, zing it
- if you are 4th&4 and less, run punt form hb direct snap you will get a first almost every time, but don't run it too much
- beware of your hashmarks if u r on the right hash, the d will stuff the leftside so run to the same side of the hash your're on it doesen't work every time, but u will confuse the d
- if u r short of the first or td always use corners/ outsroutes
-use packages that swaps wrs to create a mismatch for the defense

Defense tips
- for those speedsters qbs, use a safety/ linebacker to spy the qb
-if your opponent is on 3rd n long deepen your coverage
- always try to tip or deflect the ball. it is the safest thing to do
- if your defense is inexperienced or young, run lots of zone
- if u r not sure about the offense, call man coverage, make the mlb blitz, and let your fs spy the qb

more tips coming soon.....................................
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-JWAG aka NERDSHIT volunteers baby, volunteers
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